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What is Stack?

Stack gives you the foundation, framework and infrastructure to streamline your sales process and scale your business.

Having worked with 100+ entrepreneurial businesses and numerous VCs/Accelerators, we wanted to make the Stack methodology accessible to any business wanting to become enterprise and investment ready so, we built our learnings out into a digital product.

Stack was created because we wanted to help as many entrepreneurial businesses as possible find their feet and grow. Whether directly or via investor and accelerator partnerships, we have learned things (many times the hard way) that we want to pass along. We know that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to growth, and that you are unique, so we have taken the experience garnered, and packaged it into a flexible affordable digital platform accessible to everyone.

We know how expensive consultancy is, so we have decided to do it differently. Within Stack you’ll find templates, consultancy type guidance, best practices and a toolkit to help you define and achieve your growth, scale and sales goals.

Stack is not a CRM. It’s not a training system. It’s not an outsourced business service. It’s an exciting flexible digital product.

Be part of a growing network of entrepreneurial companies and move your business to the next level with Stack.

Who is stack for?

CEOs and Co-Founders

Stack is for the people that make the big decisions daily. You’re entrepreneurial, ambitious and you want to join a community of growing successful businesses.

Head of Sales

Arm yourself with the right tools to support and grow your team. Stack helps to build and support your strategy enabling you to make the most informed decision possible.

Sales Teams

Stack is for the people that make things happen. Those that want transparency in the sales process and strategy to allow them the autonomy to succeed.

Venture Capital and Accelerators

Stack is the right choice if you want to give your portfolio companies the tools for growth. Leverage our tools and expertise during your accelerator program for greater transparency and more impactful growth & progress conversations.

See how startups use Stack to formalize their sales process

After following the Stack process, we implemented a sales engine that grew out business 10x YoY. The clear, concise and focused sales process was a big reason we were able to raise our Series A funding the following year.

Rasheed Hammouda

Co-Founder, CEO, BridgeFT

How can Stack help my business?

Within Stack we give you the consultancy guidance with a software price. You’ll find templates and best practices that provide you with a flexible toolkit to help grow your business.

Grow your business

Attract investors

Find funding by telling a consistent and professional story of business growth. Fuel their excitement and desire to share in your success!

Strengthen and scale

If you can accurately predict and prepare for how to sell your product, prospects will make a buying decision quicker. Making money or selling isn’t linear or easy, but we have found there are usually efficiencies to be gained.

Align your targets and goals

Structure meets strategy

Create clarity around the direction of the company for both internal and external stakeholders, to encourage better internal communication have everyone pulling in the same direction on a stated & understood set of goals.

Reach revenue targets

Highlight and track progress against business goals and targets, so you’re in the best possible position to identify and overcome problems early.

Define your client and your process

Identify your ideal client

Disqualifying an unsuitable prospect quickly is almost as valuable as closing a deal. Smart prospecting tools help you build a picture of your ideal client using key characteristics. No time is wasted targeting the wrong client.

Create a structured sales process

Create the process stage by stage, deciding what your best practice is and how you want to help prospects navigate your sales journey to bring them on as a paying client.

Manage your time effectively

See how time is spent

Time is a scarce resource, a visual representation allows you to see if you and your team are using it wisely.

Calculate the costs

A handy sales calculator allows you to scenario test how many clients you need and how that would fit into your sales funnel, giving you the metrics to effectively manage your time.

Lets talk about how Stack can help your startup grow

We’ve helped hundreds of startups sell efficiently and scale rapidly via the Stack sales framework. Lets talk about how we can help you too.

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