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Sell efficiently
Scale rapidly

Stack is a lightweight platform that helps startups with sales enablement as a compliment to your CRM.

Get Enterprise and Investment Ready

The Stack platform gives your startup a flexible digital framework to implement the building blocks to success, allowing you to ramp up and reach your goals.

Get investment ready

Demonstrate that your key fundamentals are in place for growth and scale, as accelerators, investors, mentors, and partners look to understand and buy in to your story.

Scale up

Define and put in place the flexible and sturdy sales infrastructure to allow your business to grow quickly and efficiently.

Power in Professionalism

By defining and streamlining your sales process, you will bring an extra level of professionalism to your prospects’ journey, interacting with all market participants in a uniform, thoughtful and consistent manner.

Provide Clarity

Internal and external stakeholders, including investors, can see your sales process, business strategy and revenue goals all in one place, facilitating greater transparency and more streamlined communication.

See how startups use Stack to formalize their sales process

After following the Stack process, we implemented a sales engine that resulted in us closing the year with 3X YoY growth, momentum that was carried into the next year. This clear, concise and focused sales process was a big part of our ability to be successful raising our Series A funding.

Co-Founder, CEO, BridgeFT

Rasheed Hammouda

Stack is a practical business tool that you’ll use daily

Within Stack you can define your business, sales and client goals, so you know exactly what you’re aiming for. Once you have your strategy in place, you can work out the most efficient use of your time, build your ideal client and partner profile and establish the fundamental building blocks to create a consistent and repeatable sales cycle. Plus you have tools, tips and guidance to plan, execute and measure the success of your refined approach.

Sell efficiently
Scale rapidly

Stack is a lightweight platform that helps startups with sales enablement as a compliment to your CRM.

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Define Your Goals

Ask the strategy questions that really matter, like what is your vision for success? How is that success defined? What takes you to that next level? Define. Align. Achieve. Repeat.

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Evaluate and Maximise Your Time

Prepare yourself for success by aligning your business priorities with your time, to ensure yourself and your team are spending time in the right place.

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Identify your prospect

Use key characteristics to build your ideal client and partner profile, targeting only those that need the solution you are providing and have the power and budget to make decisions.

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Build Your Sales Cycle

Organize your sales process, stage by stage, defining stakeholders and allocating tasks to create a clearly defined and repeatable cycle.

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Understand Your Sales Funnel

Calculate how many clients are needed in the top, and throughout the sales funnel, and align this with your new cycle to achieve your goals.

Lets talk about how Stack can help your startup grow

We’ve helped hundreds of startups sell efficiently and scale rapidly via the Stack sales framework. Lets talk about how we can help you too.

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