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Scale up, build up

We want to help define building blocks / foundation for success by providing lightweight digital product with a big impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make starting and running a business easier, more exciting, and to minimize founder fatigue. As a founder, the complexities of starting and running a business are many and you might feel that you need to have all the answers. The fact of the matter is, no one has all the answers. But you are not alone and we want to help with getting the part that we know, laying the foundation for scale, right. You have the brilliant ideas, Stack has the business athleticism to help get those ideas in to a paying client’s hand.

Generating revenue is motivating, but it isn’t easy. Stack is a lightweight platform that helps with sales enablement, building and formalizing the sales cycle for all business with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a lightweight, customizable digital product that provides the practical building blocks for scale and growth.

Our Vision

We’ll create a Stack community of thriving businesses that embody an entrepreneurial spirit by facilitating efficient growth and scale through flexible digital products.

Our Values


We don’t theorize, we execute. We want to help all firms we work with get more things done faster.


Features in Stack products have been battle-tested in the field by the founders, and we’ve gotten things wrong a number of times. We want you to learn from our mistakes, and we strive to build these learnings in to each product.


Transparency in a company breeds empathic yet direct feedback, vulnerability among peers and honest conversations. These are the building blocks towards a culture where decisions are made collaboratively and quickly and clears the way for growth to occur.


There is nothing more valuable than your client’s time. Therefore, it’s imperative that diligent preparation occurs to ensure this time is used wisely.


Every person can do great things when given the agency to succeed, and fail, in a safe space. Providing an environment of support, autonomy and feedback is when people flourish.


Everyone gets further working together, than alone - we want to go on this journey with others to share the victories and help each other through the tough times.

Assuming Positive Intent

We approach teammates, clients, partners in each situation with the assumption that people are trying their best to do what is right.

We've worked with


Entrepreneurial Businesses


VC & Acclerator Partners

See how startups use Stack to formalize their sales process

After following the Stack process, we implemented a sales engine that resulted in us closing the year with 3X YoY growth, momentum that was carried into the next year. This clear, concise and focused sales process was a big part of our ability to be successful raising our Series A funding.

Rasheed Hammouda

Co-Founder, CEO, BridgeFT

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